Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Installing only the best infrastructure, executing only the best procedures.

image4 002When looking into commercial heating and air conditioning installation and purchase, it pays to invest in the best unit you can afford.

This is a long-term decision about building infrastructure; not just an appliance.

By purchasing the highest efficiency rating possible now, you hedge your bets against the high energy prices that will come later.

Most people notice their energy bills are 10-20% lower immediately after they install a new, energy efficient unit so the amount of time it takes to pay back the extra money you spend can be quite short.

image0Size the system to your building

It may sound like a good thing if an HVAC unit kicks on and cools down a building in five minutes. Not so. If you put in a unit that’s too big, you’ll fry the compressor. Ask the HVAC professional from RUSH to size the system just right for your building.

The professionals from RUSH Heating and Air can not only help size the unit to fit your building but can also help you select the right unit for you from the 65 brands we represent. Estimates are FREE so give us a call today!

synchrony bank logo financingRUSH Heating and Air offers financing through Synchrony Bank as well as an invoicing option for commercial jobs.

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