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Staying cool with Rush's Air Conditioning Repair Service

Whether your home or business is not able to stay cool in this heat, Rush Plumbing Heating and Air is right the call. Why? We get it done right the first time. What’s more we are dedicated to keeping your solution affordable.

Call the best in the industry! Air conditioning repair experts to your rescue

Don't wait until it gets super hot! 24/7 air conditioning repair...a.k.a. On-demand!

Cooling your space is super important. How many times have you been able to be comfortable in a space that was just too warm? Sweat dripping off your brow isn’t exactly a pleasant experience right?!

Whether it is a faulty condenser or some other cooling issue hits, it is an unwelcome experience. Rush Plumbing Heating and Air has been helping customers in the Inland Empire ensure that the heat hits their cooling system is able to perform on demand. We offer 24-hour air conditioning repair service to the Inland Empire region. We have been servicing, through repairs or complete new air conditioner installation for decades. We are here for our customers!

We Repair Every Make and Model of AC

They call us the cooling system whisperers! No but seriously, we can provide excellent service on any system at any time. Not only that we are dedicated to providing this top-shelf service at an affordable price.

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